Enabling/Disabling Services in Fedora 12

I have been having trouble with my sshd service.
I use SSH to log in to my home computer and manage things like the hours I work and such, and sometimes when I restart my computer I forget to turn it back on.

But thanks to this site I figured out how to manage services from the command line and now I’ve set both sshd and httpd to start at start-up. Which makes it easier.

But to sum up:
Log in as root with su and then run chkconfig --list to view which services are enabled at which runlevel (runlevels are explained on the linked page). Then to enable services use

chkconfig --level 35 sshd on

specifying runlevels 3 and 5 here and turning the sshd deamon on.

This helps me, now I can’t forget to turn on sshd and my boss won’t have to fear that I might not be able to log in to my home computer so much anymore.


Removing a service manually in Windows Server 2008

I was writing a test Windows Service and accidentally removed it through the Programs and Features dialog, which removes the files, but doesn’t actually remove the service from the service list. So when I tried to install the 2nd version of this test service it was complaining that it already existed.

I looked around a little and found that I could delete the Service from the registry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\[Your service]. I deleted the key (the little folder thingy) and it did show some change, but my service was still there and the newer version still wouldn’t install.

After a little more looking around I found out that to fix it I could use sc delete [YourService] to fix it. And it did!

Next time, though, I really should use the installer I used to install it to remove it…