Move CTRL with colemak

I’m trying out the colemak keyboard layout. It seems interesting, but it takes some effort. There was one problem, though: colemak removes the capslock button, and so my Xmodmap settings to switch capslock and CTRL didn’t work anymore, which is a bother since I need it for emacs.

After some trial & error I managed to find how it’s done:

remove Control = Control_L
keycode 66 = Control_L
add Control = Control_L

Of course, keycode might be something else depending on your keyboard, you can determine what it is using xev.



I don’t really use wordpress, I was/am using IkiWiki for my blogging and other wiki needs, but org-mode can’t be beaten when it comes to generating syntax highlighting. I think I might (have to) try this out for a while.

echo 'hello, world!\n';

for ($i = 0; $i < 10; $i++) {
  echo '$i\n';