ntd progress #1

So I’ve only had a little bit of time to work on ntd. But at least I did do something, though nothing major. I got rid of the gets() function by replacing it with getline(), I know this is a GNU extension, but it’s apparently recommended and for now I don’t think anyone other than myself is using it, and since I only use archlinux I’m in minimal danger of incompatibilities.

I’m still getting some errors with valgrind, but if I eventually figure them out I will be able to fix it.

Maybe tomorrow I can finally start adding another command.


New toudou

So, I’m trying again… After feeling I couldn’t achieve what I wanted with toudou or toudou2 through 5, I’m starting from scratch again with ntd (New toudou).

This time I’m first going to focus on creating a shell in which I can perform the actions that I want. After that I will start looking at/thinking about user interfaces again.

Right now it’s only a tiny shell with some big holes in it (usage of gets, for example) that need to be fixed, and it only knows help and exit for commands, but it’s a start, again.

The code for it is here, though I can’t recommend looking at it yet, it might burn your eyes out.


I’ve been trying to get my little ciso front end to not show the ciso console application anymore. Now I can easily get the information to go directly into my program, but I don’t want the user interface to stop working completely while you’re compressing a 2GB image. I want it to show what it’s doing.
I’ve tried getting the asynchronous reading function to work, and I can up to a point. It’ll read it and return any info that I might want, but when it comes to adding something like a progress bar or even just a textual representation of it, it’ll start reading and then just do nothing and get stuck. The debugger doesn’t give any kind of error though…

First usable project!

I’ve made my first project that can actually be used by other people!
Not that it’s anything spectacular, it’s merely a front-end for Booster’s ciso compression utility.
I already have some ideas to improve on it, but I wanted to have something done for now, something that I could show off to my friends.

Whilst typing this message I have already discovered and fixed 2 bugs (I’m stupid, I know).
Try it, you will need .NET Framework 2.0, because that’s what I use.

If you have any suggestions be sure to let me know!

My Project Page: here.
Download it: here.