My ASP.Net intellisense was gone!

I use Visual Studio 2008 at work on a remote terminal server.
This server doesn’t have enough disk space on its C drive, and VS2008 likes to place a lot of ReflectedSchemas there.
It got to the point where I has some 4GB of ReflectedSchemas and this was too much, so I deleted them all (nice and definitive) and things were great again.

A couple of weeks later the exact same thing happened again, so I deleted them again, this time though I noticed that my Intellisense for the standard ASP.Net controls (like ) was gone! Still had it for other (custom) controls and HTML tags and everything, just not ASP.Net controls.

Today finally I decided to look into it (2 or 3 months later).
I got a tip to try devenv /ResetSettings, which didn’t help.
One person suggested you change the tag prefix, which also didn’t help.
I also tried copying someone else’s ReflectedSchemas, which still didn’t help, though this could be explained perhaps by the fact that I didn’t overwrite the entries.xml, I don’t know.
After this I tried deleting the ReflectedSchemas again, this time making 100% sure that I had closed devenv.exe. This fixed it…

So now I am enjoying my ASP intellisense once again.


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