Code::Blocks "process terminted with signal 255 (0 minutes, 0 seconds)"

Yesterday after I came home from work I thought I’d try working on a project I’ve been working on this past weekend.
I was away from home this weekend, so all the work I’d done had been on another computer, in a virtual Ubuntu installation, so I hadn’t yet tried it at home.

Trying to build it went fine. Running it from a terminal went fine. Even compiling and running on another Ubuntu installation (my work laptop, non-virtual) went fine, but Code::Blocks reported to me that whenever I tried running my application on my Fedora 11 home installation that it terminated with signal 255.
I couldn’t find what was wrong, I knew the application worked since I tested it in another terminal window and if I debugged it it’d go great up to the point where it met with a cin or cout.
Being tired from a really long day (getting up at 5:00am, get on train at 6:25am, get off train at 8:30am and at work 8:50am), I gave up fairly quickly.

This morning though the itch got worse and I just had to investigate further.
After about a minute of looking around I found someone at the Ubuntu Forums asking about the exact same thing and it turns out that the problem was that xterm wasn’t installed. So a simple

su -c "yum install xterm"

was enough to fix the problem.

Now I can start developing my application again!


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