Low Resolution in Fedora 11 with Nvidia drivers

Finally, after hours of looking and working I have finally again found how to set the resolution to what I need (have 1280×1024, had 640×480). I’ve had trouble with my resolution in Fedora before, but I don’t ever remember it being this much of a pain, but then again I don’t remember much about it at all, wish I’d remembered how I fixed it.
So to help me remember and perhaps even help someone else work around it, here’s how I finally got it working.

I’m now using the Nouveau driver with a generic LCD Panel 1280×1024. I tried setting this in


many times, but it just wouldn’t accept my monitor.
So in the end I looked at

system-config-display --help

and noticed


, which doesn’t base the new configuration file on an old one.
Using this option and setting my driver to nv and my monitor to generic 1280×1024 and then

su -c "init 3"
[log in]
su -c "init 5"

got me the right resolution again. However the nv driver is just a little too basic, so I thought I’d try the same thing with the proprietary driver, so I did everything exactly as before, only I used the driver nvidia instead of nv.
Now again X wouldn’t start at all, so I ran

livna-config-display -a

to get it to my old low-res configuration, and then I tried it a third time, this time using the nouveau driver (which I’ve heard is better then nv) and that worked!

I know that supposedly you’re also able to use xorg.conf to set certain Modes values for your display, but this didn’t do anything for me at all in fedora, did help me in ubuntu, but then there I got the weirdest resolution.

finally I can look at a normal screen again.

Now I should get going to work, I’m gonna be really late (this really bugged me!)


One response to “Low Resolution in Fedora 11 with Nvidia drivers

  1. you are an absolute genius.love your work.been trying to get my proper resolution back (1280×960), with the nvidia driver for ages.Finally it works.

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