My custom RDP script

I have a crazy situation. I work at a .Net company, but my installed OS is Linux (Ubuntu Jaunty atm). This is ok though, I asked my boss first, because we use Remote Desktop to do almost all actual work.
Now we move around from time to time. So sometimes I have a different printer I need to share with the server. And since I also want to share a single folder with the server (not my entire filesystem like the TerminalServer client would like), so I decided to write a bash script to help me decide where I am.


# Ask where we are, since we don't know where we might end up we add 'other'
# which will default to no extra parameters
srem_WL=$(zenity --list --text="Were Are You?" --radiolist --column="Pick" --column="Locations" TRUE location1 FALSE location2 FALSE other)

# Only do something if cancel wasn't pressed
if [ -n "$srem_WL" ]; then

# The user on the server, I use $USER because I know that on this PC I'll
# always be logged in under the same name as on the server

# The IP address of the server

# The size I want my screen to be
# I add the -g here because one might want fullscreen (with -f)
srem_geo="-g 1910x1120"

# The shares I want to send along
srem_share="-r disk:ShareName=/path/to/some/share"

# The start of my execute command
srem_ex="rdesktop $srem_geo $srem_share"

if [ -n $srem_WL ]; then
# Here we define the configuration differences for each location
case $srem_WL in
srem_ex+=" -r printer:MyPrinterForLocation1"
srem_ex+=" -r printer:MyPrinterForLocation2"
# Since other has not been added to the case list it won't add anything

# The end of our execute command
srem_ex+=" -u $srem_usr $srem_up"


You could of course also always share both printers, rdesktop won’t complain if it isn’t connected, but I’m always looking for stuff to program. And this way you can kind-of create different profiles for different locations.


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