No more C++ today

Alas, I was not able to write what I wanted to today, so I will not be able to post anything explaining what the hell I’m doing.
I will try again tomorrow though, maybe I’ll be able to find some more then.

I know there’s 2 people per year or something that stumble down here, but in case someone just happens to stumble down here tonight, here’s my problem:
I’ve made a very simple class with only a few properties. I put this class in a set and when I try to do this:

myClass myclass;
mySet.insert(mySet.end(), myclass);

of course in what I’m working on this class is filled with data, but this is just a quick post. I might be missing something, since I’m tired and the NetBeans error messages confuse me.

Anyway, maybe a night of sleep and a day of work will improve my thinking capacity.
I think it might have something to do with comparison, since one of the messages I see when looking at Netbeans’ output it seems to say that it doesn’t have a > operator for __y > __x.

Hmm, must quit now, more to follow tomorrow.


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