Blue Dragon

A while ago I finished playing through Blue Dragon on the XBOX360. I’ve told myself that I should write something about each game I finish to improve on my writing skills.

Now Blue Dragon is a fun game that unfortunately suffers from some faults. It has a very typical story, typical main-character and of course the trademark look and feel from Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragonball.
Being from Akira Toriyama it is fun to walk around the world and see all the different species of creatures living together and co-operating with each other.

The battle system is old. It is unfortunately very repetitive and can get on your nerves from time to time. The thing that really bugged me is that none of the characters in the game have any real weapons or armor, so nothing changed on them through the entire game.
Monster fights are fun though, but they are (to me at least) too much of a hassle to get together all the time.
Balance is a little out of whack though, mostly Disc 1 is easy and you don’t really have any trouble with anything or anyone, then Disc 2 becomes slightly annoying since there are a lot of fights and they take a few turns, and though the battles have ok animations they take a while to execute and you start falling asleep after a while, this is the point where I left my XBOX on for 2 weeks without playing.

Story is fun, but nothing spectacular. Boy and friends want to save village, they get lost, they get back, they leave for a big ‘ol adventure.

I don’t really have much else to say. I liked playing it, I loved getting through it (finally) and that’s about it, it’s not very remarkable in any respect (other then it’s made by Akira Toriyama).


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