My walk around the block

About a week ago I got fed-up with Zenwalk. I had a stint of trying to install software from source and I had some less-then-encouraging results, since many things just didn’t build and some didn’t build and didn’t even give a reason why.

I started looking for alternatives. I tried to avoid Fedora in the beginning, but that didn’t last long, since it is one of few mainstream distributions that features gnome as it’s standard window manager.

I tried installing Mandriva with gnome first. Though since it got stuck in the initial phase of the installation, before I even selected a single package or anything, that effort was put a stop to quite quickly.

Then I thought about Arch Linux, since I’d already downloaded the install CD anyway, but as I started installing it I changed my mind.

I ended up installing Fedora 10 at that moment, which of course gave me grief over my video card, not allowing me to go beyond a 1024×786 resolution. Eventually I got it fixed though, but then after a few days I wanted to install MP3 and other non-free things such as win32 codecs and such, but then I rebooted my computer and it wouldn’t start anymore. So I gave up on fedora too.

I then tried Gentoo, I have been working with Linux for a little over a year now and I thought it might be interesting to build it from near-scratch, and it was. But after going through the entire installation process with documentation and failing to get Xorg to work, I stepped off that train and moved on again.

I got to Arch Linux again, this time I actually went through the trouble of installing it and running it. Again though, the Xorg setup is what killed it, since it’s documentation was not up to par with Gentoo.

I also tried g:Noblin, but since it didn’t recognise my very generic 3-button mouse, it got thrown in the trash bin too…

Finally I got back to Zenwalk again. I installed it, it feels very comfortable to be back. This time I installed the gnome version, only to find out that it has just been cut-off from support since the guy maintaining the gnome parts had a fight with another guy and got kicked off. I hope he comes back or someone takes his place because I just can’t deal with xfce.

During install I did have a few fatal errors installing certain packages, but fortunately I know enough to seemingly fix most of them.

The grass always seems greener on the other side, but when you actually go there you find out that it wasn’t so bad where you were.

If I get fed up with Zenwalk again, then my only other option will become Ubuntu most likely, and even though it’s very user friendly and all, but I feel it is too easy, I don’t feel I will learn much from it. Besides, having it on my work laptop is enough for me, I’d prefer to use something else on my home computer.


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