Damn Apples

I don’t know if any of you remember or know the fiasco that was Windows ME (Millenium Edition), but it seemed to be pretty much a gamble on whether it would work. Of 4 people (including myself) that I know used it and of my own experience installing it, you had about 50% chance of everything working absolutely 100% fine (as far as possible with windows), and 50% chance that it would just barely start every morning.

It seems that Apple, known for their iMacs, iPods and of course the macbook air (among other things) liked this idea because they seem to have adapted it to their own stuff. I’ve had nothing but trouble with my aunt’s iMac, which is of course mostly her own fault since she doesn’t know the first thing about any kind of electronical appliance, so she messed it up a lot. But it was unfixable.

A friend of mine on the other hand has no trouble at all with his macs. Then my mom’s fiancĂ©e can’t get his macbook to work at all, my sis had 2 iPods die on her already within 1 year, though my girlfriend’s old iPod lasted nearly 5 and her new one is already showing problems after a single day.

I seriously wonder how these things happen? Are they pressured so much as to bring unfinished products onto the market? Of course they’re not the only ones who do this, Microsoft just did it again with their Vista.

Well, highly annoying, a brand new iPod given to her by me for her birthday and after a single use it seemed to have died (luckily it hadn’t). They can’t do this to people, it’s shocking.


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