I beat my boss at Tekken

And now I’m afraid he might fire me!

Naaah, but we have been playing Tekken on the train lately, he has to go a few stations in the same direction, so it’s a nice 20 minutes or so of fun.

Usually, so far, he starts with winning big and often. But then when I’ve ‘warmed up’ after about 10 minutes or so, it becomes a real challenge for him.

I’ve always only had friends who were really good at Tekken, well, except in the beginning. When a friend of mine first got his Playstation and then got Tekken 3. We played that game to no end and he usually won, but after a while we played so much together that we did stuff we didn’t even know was possible. I’d duck under a punch and grab him and stuff, it was crazy.

Now though I understand what I’m doing and we’re up to Tekken: Dark Ressurection. In the beginning my boss would first beat me to a pulp and then I’d get my revenge after a while. Now he beats me to a pulp and only by the time he gets to his station I start winning some. But those few are very exciting. It’s cool to finally have met an equal match instead of someone who’s waaaaaay above me in skill.

I shouldn’t beat him too much though I guess, otherwise he might just fire me, he got pretty pissed at me today because in the end I started beating him with a PERFECT. Ouch.

A lot of fun though!


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