The End of Final Fantasy III

After 30 or so hours I have gone through the Crystal Tower and the World of Darkness, I’ve met the 4 warriors of Darkness, got the ribbons and apparently beat the living hell out of a cloud that looked like a twinkling star and fought like medusa.

A friend of mine had already told me that you get some items that negate the annoying part about the final boss, and it’s true. But it was pretty strong, so my heart was still pounding, because I was afraid that I could die at any turn, which I almost did a few times, good thing though that my Devout had enough agility to be one of the first to act, so even though it was close, it was pretty easy. I was only lvl63, which is pretty low for any FF game I’ve finished yet. FFX of course didn’t have the conventional level system, but FFVII I finished somewhere in level 80’s or 90’s using Knights of the Round which made it a total piece of cake.

It was a fun ride, but not one I’m going to repeat any time soon. It’s time for a little change now from the conventional FF style game, it’s Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles time!


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