The Incredible Crashing DS…

I was just stressfully going about my business in FFIII on the Nintendo DS, stressfully because I’d been playing for too long without escaping and saving my game, when I got to the top of the Crystal Tower and faced Xande. My heart was racing because I didn’t think I’d beat this guy the first time. Though as usual I stressed over nothing because even though my main character died, I did beat the crap out of him.

But then that Cloud of Darkness thing came, and when I saw the damage that thing did to me my heart nearly stopped. When my party died I was mad at myself for going so long without saving, but then I noticed that there were people still talking. I was relieved to know that my efforts had not been in vein again. We were revived and we were sent into the world of darkness (which I thought they’d called the normal world already).

Of course, me being the stupid idiot that I am, I didn’t listen to my own advice to go and save before continuing. Didn’t seem like a big deal though, the monsters were pretty much the same as in the Crystal Tower and they didn’t seem to hurt me all that much. So I went on my merry way deeper into the darkness, when suddenly a fight broke out… And my DS crashed…

All my hard work to get to the top, my death and rebirth, all for nothing… Now I have to do it all over again… Great…


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