The GOD of GW

Yesterday my girlfriend wanted to check up on her Guild Wars characters to see if she’d gotten any new birthday presents. She asked me if I’d like to join her, but I was right in the middle of a mission in Crisis Core so I was hesitant about leaving the most awesomest game ever made to get caught up in something that would involve me just standing still in a game and switching from town to town to see what she’d gotten.

But, since she did ask me and I knew she’d be disappointed if I didn’t join her I thought ‘what the hell’ and joined her anyway. It helped that I’d just finished my mission.

After some 10 minutes of updating and then some more minutes of updating I was standing in Lion’s Arch once again.

Damn did I like the look of it! Even thinking about it now makes me want to start playing again.

I asked her if she didn’t miss it, we’ve both played that game a hell of a long time.
She said she did, but also she didn’t like Nightfall or the Factions expansion and she hasn’t played the Eye of the North expansion yet so she doesn’t know if she likes that. That’s why she quit. And eventually it was also why I quit because I didn’t like playing alone even half as much as playing together with her.

But having revisited the past like that does make me long for the Good Old Days of Guild Wars.

But then I also think about Final Fantasy III on the DS and Crisis Core on the PSP and all the other games that I still want to play and finish. In that respect, I just don’t have time to play never-ending games.

‘It’s better to burn out then to just fade away’ is a saying right? It’s better to love a game to death and be somewhat disappointed when the game ends because you loved it so much then to be able to play it endlessly untill it doesn’t feel the way it used to. I like finishing my games. When I finished Final Fantasy VII I was excited because I’d been playing it for years without finishing it, but I was also kind of sad because that was the end of it. But because it ended where it did I kept loving the game. I loved Guild Wars, but because it didn’t end, it was pretty much just waiting for me to get bored with it. ‘Quit while you’re ahead’


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