Japanese Food

We went to a Japanese restaurant today with the people from work. Everyone actually showed up, the boss who was at home because he had his wisdom teeth removed and was feeling pretty crappy and had this really swollen face because of his sedation and stuff. The Business Intelligence intern person even showed up for a day and the new kid actually ate!

It was one of those places where you sit around a big table with a cooking plate on one side that they cook the food on while you’re watching and eating. It was very tasty, much better then I first expected, and we all had a lot of fun together.

We interns were all sitting in one corner as the ‘associates’ all sat in the other and our talks were pretty separated, I could hear them talking about mostly work stuff and such while we were kind of making fun of each other and laughing at the egg pieces thrown in our laps and the way they cut the shrimp’s head and stuff. It was a lot of fun. We talked a lot about all kinds of stuff together too.

I was kind of surprised that one of the people at work isn’t too fond of the new guy. I’ve spoken with him a little and even though he does seem somewhat socially awkward sometimes he seems like a nice guy, no qualms about talking to people about what he knows, possibly bragging a lot about what he’s supposedly done.

He reminds me a lot about the way I was some years ago. Except of course that he knows more about programming then I do and especially then I did back then.

We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks.


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