A New Face at Work…

We have a new intern, or whatever you should call it, at work since Monday.

A little 18 year old kid who seems really knowledgeable about programming. Supposedly he’s been at it since he was 11. I don’t know if he’s a genius, savant, autistic or just someone who studies really hard, but the others at work are stunned along with me. The work they gave him and planned a week for was nearly done when I left Monday. Today was a school day so I don’t know what’s happened today, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s done by tomorrow.

He seems to lack in social skills, we nearly had to twist his arm to get him to go to lunch with us, he didn’t eat a single bite or drink a single drop. 5 years ago I would have done the same thing, the first day at work I refused to drink anything as well, although when I was invited to go to lunch with them after my job interview I went with them.

It pains me a little though that he seems to know all the things that I want to know, well, not all of course. It’s times like this that it hurts that I’m as lazy as I am. Though it also helps of course, it gives me an excuse to know less then he does.

I wonder if he’ll stay with us long. The people at work are afraid that he might not be enough of a team player for them.

I don’t know yet if I like him, he seems ok, but he doesn’t talk much or interact with anyone, but that might be because I’ve only seen him on his first day of course, we’ll see what tomorrow brings as always. I find it interesting to see others, maybe programming wasn’t the right choice for me? Perhaps I should take up psychology? Nah, code is what I like and code is the way to go for me.

All I’m hoping for is that he’ll loosen up. I hope to make a friend out of it, at least for the duration of his employment there or mine, depending on which might end first. Perhaps I can even learn some stuff from him, maybe he can give me some tips on what to read or where to start with certain things. Interesting times ahead.


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