It has come to pass…

Finally have I finished Tales of Phantasia, it is the first Tales of game that I have finished. Not the only one I’ve played, mind you, but I’ve never had the stamina to finish one (I was told they’re extremely long games) and this time I decided I just had to.
It helped that it was the recently translated Playstation version and not the old SNES or crappy GBA version. It had some nice improved graphics, had a very nicely updated battle system. These things helped keep it interesting.

I wasn’t sure if I could do it a few times, because there were some battles where the game would crash. The first time I remember was during the first fight with Dhaos. Which is of course a very bad time to have it crash, especially since it was going pretty well. I think then the 2nd time I died and the 3rd time I beat him pretty easily.
After that I only remember it in Dhaos’ castle at the end of the game. Both SEAL EYE? fights were pretty annoying without the game crashing, I had to try some 5 times each before I could get past them.
I feel lucky that I didn’t have any such problems with the final fight. If I had to do those all over again each time 3 in a row I’d have thrown my psp through the window I’m sure.

Though I was surprised. I was stuck on one of the floors of the castle and I scrolled down in the FAQ to see wat I was up against. I read that there’s 2 forms that Dhaos comes in. So I was really surprised when the 3rd round started. Luckily I only died some 5 times or so in the first round, but once I beat him I was apparently on a roll because right after that I beat the living hell out of Feather Dhaos and the beat the angelic Dhaos form. Was fun, but it was a damn nerve wracking fight.
The end was nice, but I’m not going through that game any time soon again! It’s awesome, but now I’ve seen it, I know the story and I’m just going to go on to the next game. Right now it’s Untold Legends – The Warrior’s Code is what I’m playing, but that’s really only untill I can get my hands on Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. I think it’s good that Square Enix wants to start releasing games worldwide, I hate knowing these awesome games are out there and I have to wait till they’re released here or in the US.

Anyway, it was an excellent game and of course I recommend the game itself, but go through some extra trouble to get that playstation version fixed for translation, because in my opinion it is worth it. Scenes like Thor’s rising from the sea and Yggdrasil’s healing have been improved a lot (from what I’ve heard). So try it if you like RPGs.


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