So much for Fate/Stay Night

I’ve now seen all 24 eps of Fate/Stay Night, which I started watching because according to AniDB it had a relation with Shingetsutan Tsukihime (aka Tsukihime – Lunar Legend). Which I suppose is kind of true, since the kid in Shingetsutan Tsukihime had this strange power that let him see an object or person’s life lines, which were lines that would cause anything or anyone to fall apart if you’d cut them. With Fate/Stay Night it’s kind of similar, the main character has an ability that allows him to do the opposite of the other dude, he can identify the structure of any object or person (or being really) and reinforce it. Here’s it’s just regular magic that anyone can learn, but apparently it’s so weak that nobody takes the time to learn it. But he excels at it, and as he later finds out he also excels at ‘tracing’ which allows him to create corporeal illusions of objects.

Anyway, it was pretty cool, he’s a bit silly in that he doesn’t allow his ‘servant’ to fight for him, which is all she really wants to do.
It’s pretty interesting, though I think the translation I had was a bit off, since they were all called heroes and their special abilities were noble phantasms even though there were some real evil beings among them, like Rider and Caster. Of course you might live by the notion that there is no such thing as good and evil, which would fit since even Rider can seem like a nice person at times. But I think probably Legends and Legendary Phantasms would work better, especially with the ‘King of Heroes’ making an appearance whilst being probably the most evil being in the show, I’d personally prefer to call him King of Legends because he is pretty well known (as are some of the others). But that’s just my idea, nothing to do with the show beyond that though.

It was excellent, I enjoyed it, can definitely recommend it.

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