Dante’s Disc

I’ve finished the first disc from Devil May Cry 2, aka Dante’s Disc. I still think the game is very under appreciated. Sure the game has no story at all, but then again I didn’t think that DMC 1’s story was all that great.
The game wasn’t at all tough though, took me 2 tries to get the final boss, and only 1 for the one before that (final boss this time being both Argosax the Chaos and Despair Embodied, or whatever it’s name was). The toughest boss was the one from the building.

Anyway, I’ve just started Lucia’s disc and played 2 missions now. Her style of fighting is pretty cool, I always like dual wielding and the air-combo capabilities (which I was told was never introduced until DMC4).
I’m gonna play through Lucia’s 13 missions as well, but I don’t think that it’ll change my current opinion of it being a pretty bad game, but still under appreciated.


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