Devil Never Cry

About a week ago I downloaded the Devil May Cry 4 demo for PS3 and was shocked by the awesomeness that it showed.
Almost 4 years ago I bought Devil May Cry for the PS2 because my girlfriend liked it and wanted to play it (she’d borrowed it from a friend once). And I tried playing it a few times aswell, but after a while I just stopped liking it at all.

But when I saw DMC4’s demo, I just had to try again, and this time I didn’t care at all about any challenge. So last sunday I picked it up again, dusted it off and hoped it would still work in my PS2.
I played for a few hours and yesterday I finished it.

I’m glad I didn’t try normal because I don’t think the game is all that good anyway. Sure the fights are ok, but the voice acting and the story are pretty bad. Characters too.
But it was fun anyway and the horror theme is always appealing and they did that very well. I’ve already got DMC2 ready to be played, which everyone tells me sucks, but I’ve found more games that everyone hates or dislikes that turn out to be awesome.
Crazy really, but maybe I’ll get to playing that too someday soon.


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