Can’t let go…

I picked up Valkyrie Profile again today because I just can’t leave it be. I’ve played it and hated it at times, but it is still very cool and the enemies that are the problem can easily be fixed by just running away. I’ve also discovered that using weapons that are less powerful but have more actions help a lot, since they add to your overall combo score and can start those overdrive thingies. These thingies are very handy in taking down enemies.
That plus the fact that I’ve also found out that the CT is the amount of time (in turns) that it takes to be able to take certain actions all really helps.

Still having a lot of trouble though, the game doesn’t get any easier, but at least now I have made progress, I went to Lezard Valeth and spoke to him and saw the cool cut scene in his crazy-ass basement and stuff. The fight was pretty easy, but suddenly the game seems quite a bit more interesting.

I don’t know if I’ll actively pursue finishing it again, because I’m having this much trouble and it’s only chapter 4 (of 8 I think). But I will at least be playing it sporadically. I am quite happy to find these things out.


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