Tales of Phantasia

I can’t remember how long I have been trying to tackle this game or how many times.

I’ve always been playing it on the SNES, but a while ago a friend of mine finally got a translated version of ToP for the PSX. Sure it’s not like the full-voiced version for PSP, but that only just got released really and we don’t expect a US/EU release, so that will take a few more years to translate I’m guessing. Though translators seem to be getting faster, since a few months after Monster Hunter Portable 2nd got released they’d made a pretty comprehensive patch for that too.

Anyway, I’ve been playing it these last few days, mostly on the train home from work on my PSP and damn it’s different from the SNES version. The characters look different, their status profile images look very different, the battles are totally different (friend of mine tells me it uses Tales of Destiny 2’s battle engine), and generally it’s just gotten some sort of face-lift or something.

Haven’t gotten very far yet, still in the first part, exploring where Dhaos is supposed to be buried, or captured really. But so far it’s going much better then it used to. And I don’t know if the defend and combo-hit features are from the ToD2 engine or I just never knew about them in the SNES version, but Cless can now hit 2x and like I first noticed in Tales of the World he can defend, which is a big plus really.
I seem to generally understand more now then I did then (I have that a lot with games I played a long time ago). So I’m using a lot of abilities more now then I did back then and just generally know how things work better.

So I am confident I will at least get further in the game that my last try. And Looking forward to playing more too.

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