New chances…

My sis recently bought a Nintendo DS and yesterday for the first time she left it alone long enough for me to borrow it and play some games on it.

I say games, but really it was only one game. I played a little bit of Megaman ZX.
I was on some kind of mission in Area J, the watery place. Good thing I had the Lx biometal (of course) to ease my traversal of the water.
I got to some beast that I had defeated before, but instead of hanging in a semi-safe corner to in which I hacked down everything that came my way, I stood upon it’s head this time and hacked away. Went a lot quicker this time around, he sent out 2 sets of fish before just attacking me with it’s tentacles, and then it was dead, easy as pie.

Afterwards I ran into the 2nd model L pseudoroid, which has to be the easiest boss I have ever fought against.
I didn’t really yet know what was going on, but I started hanging in a corner near it’s head and the first attack just completely missed and the second attack pulled me closer to it and damaged me a little, only at that time I started swinging Lx’s weapon around and it couldn’t touch me anymore. It slowly died little by little and I no longer got hurt.
After maybe 30 seconds it was over and I had beaten another boss.

Then I decided to try some side-quests. The first being ‘purify the water’. Which was really easy, just had to dump some crates into the water for the cleaning solution to spread and clear the water.
The one I picked after that though was a different story. I’m still working on that one. I have to find some kind of flower in area A-1, but I suspect it’s on some kind of ledge that I just barely can’t get to…
If I get a chance I might try and find it some more today, but I can’t see me figuring out how to get there.


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