Final Boss Fight

A few days ago I made it through Beyond The Gate and got to Lady. I was then and still am grossly unprepared.
The first time around I forgot that Johnny didn’t have anything equipped against ring abnormalities, so when Lady first used ring abnormality, I was kinda bummed out.

Then it got to be that she and her friend ‘big ugly’, aka Malice Umbral, got to use a combo attack. I don’t know what the attack’s names were, but total obliteration describes it pretty well.

I’ve been training a little almost every day since then, and though I can get a few more turns in before I die, once they use that combo I’m still dead no matter what.
So I decided to do some side-quests first. No biggie. But I couldn’t really find many of them and I just want to finish this game and be done with it so that I can move on. So I looked them up on GameFaqs.

So now I’m working on getting everyone’s ultimate weapons and armor and just get generally stronger. I’m only level 40-something, so maybe that is my biggest problem. We will see soon enough when I’ve trained some more.

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