The Humanity…

So I’d entered the gate last time and had walked around a little to see what I was going up against. Later I turned on my PS2 to continue and the first fight I got in was against 3 Phobos all with 1 stock bar and more speed then me, so I had a few double attacks coming from those beasts, can’t recommend it for recreation as it sure as hell will kill you and won’t make you stronger.
But then finally today I got my nerve back enough to turn my PS2 on again to play this game.

I walked where I should, ran into a malice thing tree root thingy. Kinda weird to fight against a stationary enemy in this game. No real trouble though, but then Gilbert came along…

Not knowing what he was going to throw at me I was of course as always somewhat unprepared, but I never would have guessed that he would lower my SP so much as he did. I did find out before the fight with gilbert that Johnny is way stronger as Awaker and in healing too. His release ability combined with the flare brooch(?) reduces SP consumption from 4 to 2, which I’m sure was intended to be used in this way (used it with Shania first but she has a lot of SP).
So his increased power helped a lot and I found out that Tatan’ka’s Howling ability is pretty nice aswell.
Even though I tried my very best, Shania and Johnny did go berserk 3x, which also is not so very healthy for the rest of your team.

With a lot of hard work and stress and feelings of loss, I did finally defeat him with all my characters sane and alive so they may bask in his experience. But I am glad I’m through with him, it seems that these bosses tend to get more annoying with each game, Shadow Hearts was just keeping an eye on your HP and SP and having the patience to beat god, Shadow Hearts: Covenant was easy most of the time and only the final boss gave you any real trouble, but this one here is just stress all around with every boss. I guess you could say that they are making the game more challenging, but being used to easy bosses and always getting stuck near bosses means that it’s hard work for me not to just call it quits (but hey, I’ve finished both games before this one, I should be able to finish this one too).

As much as I hate these bosses and hate knowing the fact that I have 2/3 more on the way is really not boosting my morale, but I know that all games are finishable and if I just keep trying eventually I will get through it.

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