It was my turn to play again this morning. I could play extra long though because my girlfriend had to go to the doctor to get some medicine for something that now appears to be more then just a cold.
This did allow me to go through Johnny’s memory though and after that to his old burnt down house (easy puzzle this time dude) and found out about him and his sister. And got Roger to take us up to the gate.

When we blasted off though I was shocked to find that my screen went blank and never returned to normal…
This is apparently a problem HDLoader has with this game, luckily though I searched the internet a little andn found that I had to press up on the D-pad during the HDL splash screen to enable MDMA0, which luckily did work.

So now I was at the gate. I walked up to Lady and Killer and killer showed that deep down, even though he was a serial killer named Killer, he was a good person who just wanted to be loved and to have his friend Lady’s wish granted, whether it be to regain her humanity or to destroy the world…

First time I faced him I was (as always) grossly unprepared. And most of my characters were quicly disposed of by his instant death attack.
Afterwards though I took some more time to prepare and of course equipped Leonardo’s Bear on everyone and something on Frank to stop him from being Sealed so he could Arc Heal everyone. Crazy thing about sealing that I learned is that you can Fuse whilst sealed, just not into any creature, just back to normal I guess.

After a long time and quite a few deaths and ultimate attacks (his attacks, not mine), we finally won. His Malice for really reminded me of Yuri’s 2nd and 3rd fire fusion. But aside from my great wish of seeing one of the old characters back (I know roger is still here, but even in Shadow Hearts some characters crossed over from Koudelka) he was a real bad egg.
After he was beaten he kinda does look dead, but you never know with Lady around.

I have now entered the gate and I don’t think I’ll have much longer to go…


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