The Real World!

I wen to Gysahl and talked to some people without much interesting happening or finding, then went to Cid to get my Airship fixed.
Then I was told to go to The Real World, so I did that.

Once in the real world I was confronted by pretty much nothing… So I looked around, found a temple and thought it best not to enter, then found a shipwreck that I somehow felt a need to enter… Apparently that was a good idea as I found Aria, some kind of priestess that wanted to save the world and was now sick in bed. Gave her an elixir to fix her up and then she asked us to take her to the temple I’d found earlier.
We went there and to my surprise there were no random encounters. We took a shard of the water crystal and then she asked us to take her to some cave to the north.
Inside this cave was the Water Crystal, but damn there are some tough creatures in there. Not that they do a lot of damage, but Paralysis and Petrification are not your friends!

Got through it though, and also through a whole lot of Gold Needles. But then I met Kraken and found myself unprepared. I died in 2 turns so I thought to call it quits for the day.


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