After having been through hell to get that Model H Biometal and then taking some time to explore and gather some stuff (I likes them energy tanks) I had to go to field F. I’d looked around a little for it yesterday and found it, but of course I died…
This time though I was determined to get through it! So I was a little more careful then I usually am and I took a little more time to see what’s going on and stuff and eventually I got to the room with the data disc. And after seeing what the data disc had I was told that they would unlock the locked door… locked door? I hadn’t seen a locked door in ages…
Luckily I remembered the door that I’d seen at the beginning of that field and went there which was of course the right place to be (I hadn’t thought before on how to get there).

I went into some kind of waterish level and got through it with only minor trouble to eventually be met by the L boss… Some giant fish with the light/bait cord thingy on it’s head. To my surprise this boss was farely easy to dispose of. Now I had the model L biometal and I could swim for real! 🙂
I then went on some more exploration and after having failed my mission by dying too much I decided ‘screw exploration and items’ and went on with the next mission.

This mission wanted me to go to area G, wth??? I had even less of an idea where G would be because I thought I’d gone almost everywhere I could in order to get to F.
After some searching I finally found it though and ran into a whole lot of fire! Had to go into a burning building and save everyone.
I climbed to the top of the building and then jumped over to the next and eventually found my way to another boss, which I was kindof expecting seeing as I didn’t stop right after having fought the first boss.
since I was very surprised I’d beaten the first boss with the help of my energy tanks, imagine my surprise when I fought agains model F and won after only dying once! The world of Megaman is going crazy! Me being able to defeat 2 bosses in one try??

Anyway, after having beaten F and seeing my new bull-like outfit, I decided that I’d pushed my luck with megaman far enough for now and decided to give it some rest. I can always play more later today or tomorrow…


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