Graveyard scene anyone?

I was happy to find that the puzzle I completed yesterday was one of the last. I went up to the next floor and found no puzzle, which was a nice relief. Then up one more floor and here was a puzzle, but I didn’t need to walk around a lot for it, just light up a star. I opened both doors (first the dark one on the left, 80% of the time left is lucky, but right is right) and went up to the last floor, where they tried to place the rings, but were interrupted by Killer.
To my great surprise this was the first boss-fight in a long time that didn’t actually kill me and needed me to try a 2nd time.

After he was beaten he tried to kill Johnny, who then magically transformed. Being the evil bugger that his transormation is, he starts knocking everyone on their asses and even hits Shania with the back of his hand (abusive right after the wedding?).
Shania then activates the shrine and Johnny is turned back to normal, except he’s KO.

He then suddenly wakes up in his old room in his old house. This reminds me a bit of how Yuri always gets to his Graveyard the first time. I’m still rooting for atleast a guest appearance of one of the cooler characters (Yuri, his cousin, alice, the girl from SH2).

But then I found my save point and of course my girlfriend wanted to play her game so I had to stop playing again (dammit).


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