Salamander Hein

I had finally convinced myself to play some more Final Fantasy III after having heard from a friend that job requirements are so bad in this game that he bought the official guide just to see which jobs he needed to have where. And since I’m not into buying or even very much reading guides (though I do from time to time) this was kinda unnerving as I could already see myself failing at every turn of the game.
The I read up a little more on how serious it was and was calmed down by the knowledge that 3 melee characters and a Devout are really all you need. So I was good to go again untill I came to a passage about the boss I was about to face, saying that it was the most hateful boss in the game… Salamander. So I got scared thinking I’d never beat him of course, but after having beaten him I can very hardly imagine that being the most annoying boss. He went down kinda quickly.

Then I could change my job to Knight, which I wanted to do for a good while now and was walking around going my merry way when I stumbled upon a stumbling and mumbling person who said that some town I’d visited once needed my help. So I went there only to be incapacitated by the friendly king’s soldiers. I was taken to the walking tree that I had tried entering earlier without succes (no clipping?).
So I knew that I was semi-screwed because I did some stuff (nothing big) and didn’t save because I didn’t think I’d be captured upon entering the village. And anyone who’s played FFIII knows that there are no save points in the game.
On top of that, 25% through my girlfriend notified me of her plans to go to bed (she’s a bit under the weather at the moment) and I couldn’t save! And I didn’t want to give up my progress either. So I pushed on, trying my best to get through it as quickly as possible.
Luckily the dungeons aren’t all that big (yet) in this game, so it didn’t take long, but damn Hein was a tough cookie to bite through. 2x attack seems to be becoming somewhat of a trend amongst (boss) enemies. Multiple hits I can understand, but more then one action per turn is bordering on unfair.
I KO’d him in 3 turns, but I did lose my 2 strongest characters (kinda strange), using the Antarctic Wind I’d found.

Now it’s late and I think my girlfriend is starting to feel the urge to give me the evil eye, so off I go again, into bed to waste another 8 or so hours on sleep that I could spend gaming or entertaining her… Oh well, life is sleep…


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