Half a Model H

I guess 20x went by faster then I expected because I’ve beaten that weird flying Reptoloid kind of thing.

Afterwards I accepted a job which would lead me to Area F, no idea where that was though, so I started looking around a little. Fought some enemies, ran into this really wierd enemy theme park and went on some rides, fought a few enemies, found 2 sub-tanks (not there, but whilst exploring) and found out that these aren’t used automatically when energy depletes which I’m very used to so I keep forgetting to refill my health.

I don’t understand though that once you’re frozen by those Totem-like things how you can get out of it, because whenever I freeze, I can’t get out before I’m frozen again. So those things seem like a pretty good deathtrap to me…
I accidentally did a soft-reset, so I guess I’m going to do something else again…


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