My First Serialization…

When my study of Visual C# just started I set out to create an application that my girlfriend’s mother could use to organize her game shortcuts and stuff.
Today, maybe 6 months later, I finally figure out a way to save the shortcuts into a file and get them out (I learned this a while ago already), but today I figured out how to each give them their own eventhandler.

I created a class that contains the information that I need to get the program to work and also 1 function with the Button.Click event handler signature. I made another class that contains a generic list of the first class.
I save this list through a serializer and call it when the application loads.
I run through every instance of the first class and create a button using the information from my first class and call the event handler from it. This evenhandler uses the info from this class to start the application.

This is probably no great feat, since I’m only beginning and still need to adjust to the idea of the written program and the compiled program. When I’m talking to someone about 5 apples I can’t easily talk about each apple individually, but a well-written compiled program can because he doesn’t just see 5 apples, but 5 instances of an apple each with unique names that it gave to them (right?).


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