Apparently the main character in Megaman ZX is curious about his enemies and what is going on, since each time you’re beaten by that flying monkey of a Model H it tells you that curiosity killed that cat and now it’s killed you.

I found out that at one point you could jump onto some kind of huge gears that would allow you to jump over a big chasm like structury thing that I always jumped right into and just walked by, but atop the other side of this structure (a place I couldn’t get to before because of my own personal denseness) there are a few semi-secret passages that eventually lead to some kind of power cell that you can destroy, thus disabling the little shock things you see and some other thingies such as the shocks that I ran into last night and didn’t know how to get past.
So now I got past all that and ran into that Model H dude. I’ve seen tough Megaman bosses and this isn’t one of them, sure I need to try a few times and the fact that I only have 3 lives at my displosal is a little frustrating, but I’ll make it soon and then I’ll be a happy little camper and perhaps be able to fly or jump a little higher.

This game might turn out to be even more fun then I thought it would.


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