4th Floor

My girlfriend went off to watch some TV and actually had the option to save right before she had to go (she’s playing Suikoden III). So I saw my opportunity to play some more Shadow Hearts, since I couldn’t do all that much this morning except go to where I had to and buy some new equipment.

This time it was a little more productive, though it was very uncertain whether or not it would be during the first half hour since I couldn’t find my way out!
In the puzzle with all the pillars and stuff in the first room it’s never actually explained that you need to touch the white crystal to open the door, and as observant as I am (not), I overlooked it. So I was running around testing various combinations of raised and lowered platforms only to find that none worked… frustrations started building up just a teensy bit, and then I noticed it! All this might not seem like it is a lot (since there are only 3 types of pillars), but with the enemies going around there this can take quite a while.

In the end though I did make it, but only to stumble upon a room with seemingly no white switch. Thoughts were processed along with images and enemies so that I may find out that there was a white switch down on the ‘floor’. So I rode one of the pillars and back up again to find that the switches also show what they do to which pillars. So the switch I thought was the end in sight (yellow) actually only sent the yellow ones down…
Looking around I found no ‘up’ switch, so I went down again, luckily finding the right switch.

So now I’m on the 4th floor and I don’t know how many I have left to get to, but I’m sure it’s no more then half to be tried again tomorrow…
These games seem to progress really slowly…


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