Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Having been interested in this game for a very long time now and never finding either the energy or the time to play it, I decided when I finished my last game to actually try and get through it.

Right now I’m in some kind of tower, it’s actually a story part, where someone is apparently in love with Lenneth and is thus killing beings and turning them into ‘ghouls’ in order to get her to come to him, presumably so that they make sweet love on the ancient wooden desk thingy that he uses to dissect his ‘pray’. He might throw an elf he just captured in the mix to get it extra freaky, who knows with these people nowadays.

The tower is pretty damn rough from time to time, last time I tried I ran into some kind of Cerberus thing that had an attack that hit 3x and did both poison and freeze, so most of my party was incapacitated. This time around I met with a Fatal Glow thingy that used explode one too many time and 3/4 of my party died, somehow I recovered from this (using my last revive drinks) and am now on my merry way down to the damn sicko.

Too bad really that it is bed time and my girlfriend seems to be in a foul mood, because if that had not been the case I might have advanced my tries to get through it and found some freaky action on the way. ViMhoe is the word!


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