Shadow Hearts From the New World

Well, I’ve been playing Shadow Hearts 3 for a while now and I’m still really bummed out that the original main character(s) aren’t in there anymore. My hopes are still high that they might someday return to this franchise and kick ass again.

Of course it’s typical that the day I think up this idea of posting what I’m doing in games would be the day that I spend an hour and a half playing, only to advance even a tiny bit in the last 5 minutes. So I’ve been walking around in circles all this time trying to find a ring in the Aito cave. Damn labyrinth with it’s watchmen only allowing you through one-way.
Anyway, in the beginning of that cave it is explained that the red statues (magicians) would send you back, or atleast that’s what I thought they said, but you’re actually just transported somewhere else. So I also found out there that I’ve been walking around whilst already knowing the way to the next part, just without knowing that I knew this. So I tested it and the first thing that happens is that I’m sent right where I’m supposed to be.
Unfortunately given my current location (in the real world) I was only allowed to play for 1 hour and I had already passed that by far. Still, I was very curious about what I had to prepare for so I went on and saw the big centaur-like demon thingy protecting the itty-bitty ring.

There is something seriously wrong with these bosses. Always allowed to hit twice or more or just jump-start their stock on their own and stuff. I usually need atleast 2 tries to beat them now.

Anyway, I kinda lost after 3 or so turns and then decided ‘What the hell, my time is up anyway’ and turned off my PS2.

I am not looking forward to this fight whilst my last fight with Killer is still so fresh in my memory.


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