Megaman ZX

Yesterday I started playing Megaman ZX. I’ve always enjoyed playing the X series of Megaman and the Zero series too. Not so much the originals because they were just way damn tough.
So I decided to try the DS installment of this franchise to see if it was as much fun as the ones on GBA and PSP.

Fortunately so far it seems to be, but again it’s pretty damn tough. Having trouble getting through the 3rd mission already. I don’t care though, with some endurance and through trial and (mostly) error I will get to atleast a point in the game where I can say “I’ve played it”.

I have to go to this powerplant right now and there’s this one part where you have to jump on some kind of breaker that get electrocuted when it falls down because of your weight. This isn’t all that tough were it not for the enemy that’s floating there in mid-air. This beast is just a little too far to hit with your blade and I don’t have full control over my cannon yet (this being due to my personal inability to grab the DS right).
I died a few times there and apparently went through all my lives, so I decided to try again some other time.


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