Kirby Squeak Squad

Another day another world. I’ve been sporadically playing Kirby Squeak Squad on my girlfriend’s DS for a while now and these last few days I’ve been playing it a lot more (been allowed to touch her DS more too).
I play a level (or World) and then I grab all the treasure chests there. So far they’ve been really easy to find. And I’m in level (world) 8 now! The one that doesn’t originally show up on the map.

Well, I played through level 7 and the game is getting just a teensy bit tougher, I get hit a lot more, which is my main notification of it getting tougher, but it could also be because I’m getting more and more impatient to get through it or something.

The story is pretty funny, I mean saving the world (universe?) just because someone stole your pie!

Well I might play more this day so you might see another post about Kirby later on!


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