Kirby Squeak Squad

Lol, had not expected it to go this quickly, but I started playing a little more of Kirby and I finished it! 100%
So this is my last post about Kirby.

I’ve been playing Kirby games since I was about 11 and I first found my cousin’s copy of Kirby’s Dreamland for the GameBoy. I started playing that and I couldn’t keep from trying to get to and through that last level. After several tries I finally did ofcourse and this time with Kirby Squeak Squad I had nearly the same feeling as almost 10 years ago now.
It’s a very fun game, with cool extras such as coloring your Kirby and getting extra life and such and even 1 extra transformation which I think might be my new personal favorite (Ghost).
The story is pretty funny, but it kind of turns out to be nothing, you set out to get your cake back and end up releasing and defeating the lord of the underworld and forgetting all about your cake. The evil-doers in this game just go away after that and they send you a new cake as an apology.
It’s a very kiddy game, with not-so-subtle messages worked into the story, but this is always the case with Kirby and helps make it fun(ny).

Kinda too bad it is over already, but to date it’s the most fun DS game I’ve finished (also the first one). Now on to other things!


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