Final Fantasy III

Well, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy III over the last 3 days and I’ve been having a lot of fun. When I got it I didn’t realise that they’d also made it 3D (as they are doing with FFIV now), which is cool since I’d never played FFIII before, but have played FF, IV, V and VI all in 2D and although 4 through 6 pull it off very nicely, 1 just didn’t cut it. Now 3 being 3D I’m pretty sure it makes it quite a bit more accessible to me.

Yesterday though I was sent to retrieve the Ice horn from Gutsco the Scoundrel. But when I faced him, in the 2nd or so turn he used mini on all of us, I couldn’t turn us all back in time and we died miserably.
Today I have tried again and this time I kicked his but. Good thing though that his mini spell missed a lot, that really helped. Too bad though Arc died right before Ingus tore him to shreds.

Ater that I noticed that I had something following me, which of course later turned out to be none other then Gutsco himself. Now I gotta chase him in another cave in order to get the crystal of fire.
I wonder what will happen when I have all 4 crystals, at this rate that won’t take too long and afterwards what will I have to do?
Well, we’ll see…


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