Tekkaman Blade II

I’m a big fan of the original remake of the series, so when I found out there was a sequel, I was psyched!

Now that I’ve watched it, I’m sad that there were only 6 episodes. Though the focus has been taken away from the coolest character in the series and it’s full of inconsistencies with the original Tekkaman Blade (biggest being that Blade is actually moving, teksetting and remembering things, another being that Blade doesn’t need Pegas anymore and that Aki now uses it, I could go on forever), but if you can look past that, it’s a very good addition.

There’s some excellent action schenes, the music is, especially during fights, pretty good. The story isn’t really all that present and the character development is amazing, which is understandable since they need to do it in only 6 episodes, which causes one of them to be a complete bitch to one of the others in one episode and be her best friend the next!

It’s a little weird, it shouldn’t have been possible and really wasn’t, but it was fun nonetheless!


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