Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny

Being a fan of the first series of Ikkitousen didn’t help prepare me for the shock that was to be this second series.
Maybe I just remembered wrong, but Ikkitousen was a lot of fun. It had a somewhat interesting plot, it had a lot of action that looked pretty cool and it was very funny.

This one however appears to have tried to focus more on the story and possibly ecchi-ness, which in my opinion didn’t really go so well in either departments.
Sure I don’t mind a little big-breasted female half-nudity in a show, but when it becomes depentent on it, it is a sign that they did something wrong.
Trying too hard to make the story really interesting and that being noticable is also not really all that great.

The OVA seems more like what it should have been after it chose the path it did, real nudity and lots of comedy!


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