Evil in the streets…

As I was walking to the tram stop on my way to school I was thinking something that I had started thinking about a few days before that. It’s amazing the thoughts that pop in your head when you’re at work, step into an elevator and look into semi-infinity.

If Satan were what I understand him to be, then why does everyone fear him so? I know that he is evil and will supposedly corrupt your heart, ok, but if he were a person I am almost completely positive that he would probably be the friendliest person on the planet (or he’d be Dr. Kelso).
If you’re a god-faring(/fearing?) man then you’ll probably disagree with me now, yes?
Well, if Satan, or Lucifer, was indeed God’s prodigal angel and was cast down from heaven and is looking for revenge, what do we have to do with that now?
We’re alive, mostly unaware or unconcerned with the dealings of the afterlife and he would do us harm here?
If he would want to corrupt you, get you to join his side, should he scare you into it, or actually seduce you into it by becoming your best friend? And if God expects you to worship him of your own free will, would he not in fact try and push your faith to the limit by making terrible things and such happen?

And the harm part, would Satan kill you? What use are you to him? He is eternal, as is God. What use could he have right now at this moment to have 1 person more, or even a hundred or even a thousand?
How many people have died in the time that we live? And how many people die every day without anyone helping anything along? If they both were amassing armies, then would God really be so picky as to who gets in and who doesn’t? If he were then would heaven not be nearly empty compared to hell? Would Satan not have an infinitely larger number of troops at his disposal?

I personally don’t believe God or Satan exist, but I am agnostic, so I just really don’t know, though it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to me. I think God is just a way for people to absolve themselves from all responsibility and to run away from what they fear. Though even that doesn’t go for everyone, I imagine there are a lot of people who genuinely also use their faith as an excuse to do good to others, though these people are rare.

Think about it, is your best friend Satan? Do you even live? What if this is the afterlife and it is all a big scheme to get you to join Satan’s side, or perhaps you are the only real person and this is all just a test to see if you really deserve what you are supposed to get?
The possibilities of paradoxes and contradictions are endless, I don’t understand how people with real faiths keep from going completely bonkers!

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