A Little thing called Californication…

So, I watched this little thing called Californication the last few days, and just the like Red Hot Chili Peppers song of the same name, there’s a lot of fornication going around in there. I’m half surprised that we haven’t seen some prude that’s constantly barraging Mr. Moody with terms as ‘fornicator’ and ‘sinner’ and whatnot.
According to the show itself there was also some kiddy-porn in the pilot episode. Of course this isn’t really true, it’s about a 16 year old girl (in the show) who’s being played by a woman (girl) 1 year older then me (if I am to believe the DoB on TV.com) Madeline Zima (aka: Mia, Grace Sheffield). You see her having sex with Mr. Moody in the first episode and then later see him find out she’s the 16 year old daughter of his ex-girlfriend’s fiancé. She also turns out to be a big sociopath (according to Mr. Moody) and is constantly using the fact that they slept together to get Mr. Moody to do stuff. He forever refuses to have sex with her though, as any half-sane man should.
Mr. Hank Moody is a weird character for David Duchovny to see played. Perhaps not for the people who have seen him in his first ever movie appearance, which I’m told is one where he plays a transvestite hooker, but for me it is a little strange as I only know him as Mr. Mulder.

The will air here as of next monday, or it was aired last monday, I don’t know. But it plays on Comedy Central here and I have to say that I wasn’t laughing my ass of a lot in this show. There were a lot of times when it made me feel like shit too (though I may live too strongly with the characters in any show), but yeah it was fun and strangely interesting really.
I eagerly await season 2 which I’ve seen has been confirmed by showtime.

Oh yeah, and there is one thing that I hope to have learned from this how: Mr. Moody has a very good way with words, in my opinion, and his cynicism is inspiring as well. I hope I may now express my own thoughts with a slightly higher level of flair to you 0 people who read this.

Rock on people!
or as Volbeat so nicely put it: Rock the rebel, metal the devil! <– makes no sense here

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