Sonic PS3

Yesterday I finished the PS3’s version of Sonic The Hedgehog with Silver (I had already finished it with Sonic himself, and now it’s Shadow’s turn). I’m glad, Silver’s episode, though fun, is tough and annoying.
His telekinetic abilities are awesome, I just love all the objects flying around and the enemies getting picked up by them and such, but compared to Sonic and what I’ve seen from Shadow it’s really tough to get anything done at all. Sonic and Shadow both have homing attacks, and although Silver’s attacks also go straight into his enemies, he can’t jump at them.
Having no objects around would also not improve on ease of playing. Now I’m not hating it because I don’t like a challenge or anything, it was fun, but somtimes it’s too much at once.

Sonic’s episode was mainly bothered by the fact that collision detection was sometimes way off. Sometime’s you’d get a speed boost and immediately stop because there was a 1pixel difference in height between 2 drawn objects. If this happened whilst running on a wall, you were pretty much screwed.

It’s still a fun game though, look forward to completing it with Shadow.

I would like to thank one of my friends for helping me though, she kicked that giant billiard ball’s ass! If it hadn’t been for her I’d still be stuck there, so thx! (I know, I know, nobody reads this crap)

On to Shadow!


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