Slave Zero (1999) XP Fix

A Long time ago I bought this game, Slave Zero, and I played it a little (back when I still used cheats all the time) up to the 6th boss or so, because he had a weapon that even killed you in god-mode.
Then a long time I didn’t play it at all. And when I finally did want to I had Windows XP and it didn’t work anymore.
Back then I couldn’t find any kind of fix for it and I was too lazy to look really closely, but today, 1 day after having finished Max Payne again I wanted to play it again and started looking. This time, first page, first link, a forum post that claimed that a No CD patch would fix it.
So I installed it again, used the no cd patch and it seems to work. At first the game crashed somewhere around one of the first ‘generators’ one of the first objectives, buildings you have to destroy. Later it wouldn’t even start anymore.
Now it’s started, options can be changed (resolution and stuff) and the game can be played up to at least beyond the point of destroying all 3 generators (I haven’t played it any further yet).

So I am glad that I finally seem to have found a fix for this damn game and I can enjoy it once more 🙂

You can find the patch here: MegaGames – Slave Zero Trainers and Game Fixes. I used the Slave Zero v1.0 Win 9x/XP ENG one, but if you have 1.1 you should use that of course.


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