My friend’s birthday party…

I friend of mine celebrated her birthday yesterday. Her real birthday isn’t until the end of the month, but by that time her boyfriend is probably off to royal police boot camp for an entire month.
I don’t know why in hell I said yes when her boyfriend asked me if I would come to the party, because much like my father I have a pretty good reflex of saying no whenever I’m asked these things. Apparently when he asked me I couldn’t refuse cause he always gives me the idea that he’ll kill me or something when I do things that are socially or otherwise bad 😛
My sis came along, she’s also a friend of their’s. At first we didn’t have anyone to talk to, but after a while I started talking to him and a friend of his about his DS and my sis started talking to her about who knows what 😛
After that conversation I started talking to my sis and ‘her’ too, and it was about Lowlands this time and how bad Tool had played. And that friend I was talking to earlier joined in and we started talking about Graspop too and stuff and then another friend joined and we talked about Metal and Lolcats and ‘him’ and me told people about the same lolcat at the same time (I are Dunecat).

Then unfortunately we had to go since we had a train to catch back home. So we went home and as we were waiting for the train, a drunk friend of mine called, wanted to hang out.
So when we got back and were in his neighborhood (actually he was in ours, the bastard) we called him and we hung out for a while, it was cool, a friend of his joined us for a little while too, was cool.
Then we finally went home, got here around 2:15am, had some eggs my sis made (we hadn’t had dinner yet) and then went to bed because we were dead tired!

Now I’ve got a friend to go to, so more adventures to follow!

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