My X-Files…

Damn I’m on a kind of posting spree here! I can’t stop posting!

Anyway, I’ve been watching some old X-Files episodes (Season 2) and damn some of those are creepy!
It’s the strangest thing, it’s not really scary, I’m not all jumpy whilst watching them, but always after an episode’s done I’ll be pretty scared of all things dark in our house. This only lasts for about 20 minutes, but in that time I’m usually very thirsty or hungry and I’m afraid to go out of my room!

I think the scariest part is that often these episodes either have something to do with diseases that we don’t know about or mutations or things that are not accepted as possible and are certainly not plausible, but the ideas are no less frightening.
One episode is about a pharmaceutical company infecting a number of prisoners in an attempt to test a certain product. The people infected get these huge boils on their body which pop open and spray something on the next victim when they die.
It’s not really a disease, but they’re parasites who nest into other animal’s bodies. These parasite larvae have (apparently) their own parasites which transfer into the person or animal’s body and start attacking the brain and stuff. An epidemic is just around the corner.
This is a scary thought, there are still a lot of things we, as humans, don’t know about the planet we live on. There could be more horrifying diseases we don’t know about because they’re hidden so deep in jungles or other places and possibly so rare that we’ve just never been in contact with them, or perhaps we have but we didn’t identify them as such.

Another was about a monkey-mermaid kind of thing (at least that is what they want you to believe most of the time). It’s a town full of people who used to work in circuses’ freak shows and people who might have been able to get a career in such an area. One of them has this ‘twin’ hanging from his belly, an under developed human being. It turns out that it can detach itself from his brother and that it’s looking for another brother, but since the others aren’t made to be attached to like his own brother he kills them.

Then one about a ghost thingy. Sure ghosts aren’t proven to exist, but that might just be because we don’t have the tools or knowledge to identify them yet. It’s a scary thought because this particular one was from a kid’s still-born twin and could apparently manifest himself physically through possessing his twin (thus creating 2 identical kids). He’d kill his brother, dad and grandmother before trying to kill his mother.
It’s a scary thought to think what could be out there that we just can’t see with any kind of equipment yet. Especially if these things turn out to be malicious.
It’s like with aliens really, some might find us friendly and help us and other might just think we’re bugs and kill us on sight, we don’t know.

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