My musical taste…

The other day a friend of mine started trying to convince me to listen to hip-hop (more specifically Kanye West). It’s funny. He can’t get his head around the fact, it seems, that there are people who actually enjoy other things then rap/hip-hop and hate the rap things for real.
Whenever he even hears the word Metal he starts screaming and grabbing his head pretending to have a headache.

Unfortunately after about 5 sentences he quit trying to convince me and blamed it on the fact that he couldn’t do it over MSN. So I invited him to come and change my mind about hip-hop. His main argument was that I only like metal because I don’t listen to the words, but I know a lot of people who listen to the lyrics and still like Metal and hate hip-hop.
He said hip-hop was about all kinds of stuff, my personal experience is that it’s mostly about bitches and hoes and drugs, money, gansta (wannabe) crap and crazy purple fur coats. And the way he said it kind of gave me the impression that he was saying metal wasn’t about anything. Not that I really care since I don’t listen to the lyrics anyway, and sure a lot of the time it’s about things like death, depression, etc, but that’s not the only thing that it’s ever about!
It can be about love and such as well, just not in the way that I hear most hip-hop songs, it’s strong, more masculine!
It’s not begging to be taken back it never lost it’s love at all, metal is good for his significant other, whereas hip-hop apparently always screws up and needs to throw away all masculinity and ask the other to please take him back, and then 3 days later the same thing happens again I guess.

Anyway I think I’ll contact him to see if he wants to meet up somewhere to try and convince me, I’m open to listening to it even though I hate it, but I’m pretty sure that once I hear it well I can really tear it down.
Once he tries and fails and I can give him some valid reasons why, maybe he’ll stop thinking rap is the only music in the world.

Oh yeah and part of the deal for him to show me what’s ‘good’ hip-hop is that I am also allowed to let him listen to ‘good’ metal, so he probably never will go for it…

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